Support and Reunite Todd With His Family

If you’re interested in helping, Todd and his family could use our support now.

If you know Todd or know of Todd, then you know he’s always helped out other folks. Having served for 23 years in numerous roles, he’s always been the guy helping others.  He’s always put the folks he’s served with, his friends, and his family first. Service is in his DNA.   Now he’s in a position where he could use our help.

As you may know, he was detained in China in mid-September during a business trip.  During this investigative phase he, alone,  must remain in China. His detainment in China during this process could be lengthy. Costs that had never been anticipated but are necessary and unfortunately are significant and ever mounting. 

Please consider supporting Todd and his family in any way you can. Sending a card or note of encouragement, support and well wishes would be wonderful.  Sending a supportive donation that will allow Todd and his family to endure the financial burden of this ordeal until his hopeful release and return home to his family would be greatly appreciated.   It is your support that is principally sought and any amount of your donation is welcome. Your kindness and generosity is deeply appreciated and will not be forgotten.

Thank you for your consideration.



Please send all communications to Todd’s wife Katherine Hohn c/o Todd’s parents Linda and Roger Hohn (address below).  All checks and money orders should be made payable to Katherine Hohn. All cards, notes and letters of support should also be sent to the same address: 

Katherine Hohn
c/o Linda and Roger Hohn
264 Olde Post Rd
Niceville, FL 32578

For tax purposes, this donation is considered a gift, and therefore not taxable or tax deductible.